Ross has been a lawyer in Ontario since 1992, having obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from York University in 1984, and a Bachelor of Laws degree from McGill University in 1990.

An expert in Family Law, Ross has offices in Bolton, Ontario. He provides legal advice and takes cases across the full range of family law issues, both simple and complex. The offices at 49 Queen Street North, Bolton, include lawyers with complementary practices in Real Estate and Estate Law.

Ross is trained in collaborative Family Law.

Ross has broad experience in the Ontario courts.  He will handle all aspects of a case through trial.  When litigation is needed, Ross deals with cases in the courts in:
• Brampton
• Orangeville
• Newmarket
• Barrie
• Toronto

Ross is supported by his assistant, Helen Croxon, who brings more than 25 years of experience to the practice.

Ross's Family Law practice focuses on resolving the following issues:
• Equalization or division of family property
• Child and spousal support
• Parenting rights
• Pensions and retirement
• Separation, marriage, cohabitation agreements
• Domestic assault

49 Queen Street North,
Bolton, ON L7E 1C1
(905) 857-2837
(905) 857-0091


Areas of Practice

Separation Agreements

Family Court Applications, Divorce

Marriage & Cohabitation Contracts

Wills, Powers of Attorney, & Estate Trusteeship

The negotiation and completion of a fair separation agreement should be the first option for any person navigating the breakdown of his or her legal or common law marriage. You will be better served by solutions you've chosen yourself rather than those that might be imposed upon you. Avoid the additional time and costs of contested court proceedings. Make a contract.

There are a number of reasons that a person may need to have his or her case settled or decided in court, but these are more likely to involve a failure of cooperation rather than a genuine disagreement on the issues. Family court applications can help by fixing time periods, requiring full disclosure, and, when necessary, obtaining a judge's input. It can be done efficiently. It can work.

There is a category of people for whom the breakdown of a legal or common law marriage does not lead to conflict or dispute. Those with a freely and fairly negotiated marriage or cohabitation agreement know where they stand. Contracts made with proper financial disclosure will be upheld by the courts. Protect your home, your assets, your estate, for a fraction of the costs to resolve disputes following a marriage breakdown

Ross drafts wills and powers of attorney for his clients. He also has professional experience acting as estate trustee and will step into that role for a client when when asked to do so.



Some legal services are provided for a fixed fee however, more commonly clients pay based on an hourly rate. Ross' hourly rate is $400 including initial consultations and independent legal advice. Discuss likely costs and retainer requirements when you meet with him